Apartment for rent district 1

You are looking to invest in apartment for rent in District 1. Stable income, capital thinner than townhouses and villas, do not need management time, high liquidity, low risk factors can not be steamed. More than investors choose apartments for rent in HCMC. HCM. This form of business does not generate massively but in return is very stable and stable, ensuring the return of capital and bring about a stable source of income every month. The income from this rental is equivalent, even marginally than the bank savings deposit.

Apartment for rent district 1
New Urban Splendora North An Khanh
Splendora new urban scale 264 ha located in the province of An Khanh, Lai Yen, Song Phuong and Van Canh, Ha Noi.Du funded by the Corporation and the Export-Import Joint Construction Vietnam (Vinaconex) and Construction company Posco E & C (Korea) cooperation contracts with a total capital investment of USD 2.57 billion.
SunView  Apartment
Project Overview - Owner: JSC XD Dat Xanh Real Estate . - Scale : The total area of ​​16,000 m2 , including 02 block 15 (1 ground , 1 suspended , 14 floors and 1 basement ) with 448 apartments ( Type A : 88m2 , B : 73m2 , C : 71m2 ) . - Capital investment : 450 billion . - Building density : 30 % - Total area floor : 47 768 m2 - Built area : 2,764 m2 . - Location : Tam Phu Ward , Thu Duc District , HCM City . - Commencement May ...

Apartment for rent district 1Apartment for rent district 1Apartment for rent district 1